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BJP- bad or a necessary evil?

Watched a debate on the future of the BJP yesterday. They were discussing if whether the RSS was interfering with the day-to-day working of the BJP and if it was right or appropriate. It got me thinking as to what the future held in store for the BJP. Never been a fan, never will either. But as I see it today I feel it is imploding and that’s not a good sight for Indian polity. I’ve always held Advani as a rank opportunist despite all his claims of integrity and principles, but his leaving the BJP and retiring sounds to me a death knell for the party at a national level. Once he’s gone who else is there with a pan-Indian presence and appeal? All the other ‘netas’ demand no popular following. They’re not even leaders in the proper sense of the word either. They’re the back-room wheelers and dealers. None of them is fit to become the face of the BJP like Advani is today. After he goes, the BJP will be left with second rung politicians with no charisma, hold, or personality.
Now the fall of a party that I love to hate should make me happy, but it unfortunately doesn’t. My choice in politics, in fact, every thinking man’s choice in Indian politics is not between right and wrong, but in what I, or any man, would perceive as the bigger or lesser evil. I have always felt that the INC with all its faults, and they are legion, is the less evil alternative to the sabre-rattling unltra-nationalist jingoism that characterizes the BJP. Hindutva, China and so on, they’ve made a lot of noise though when faced with an actual problem they pretty much bent over. But that’s besides the point. No matter what, at least the BJP was a national level party and a counterpoint to the INC. And that’s what I think will be sorely missed if the BJP does dissolve into petty squabbles and little fiefdoms.
Without a major party at the national level to present a serious challenge to the INC, a sense of complacency will set in and the Congress fall victim to an inertia which will most likely harm India in the long run. In such a scenario the only possible way for the INC to lose would be for them to cede majority in a large number of states, simultaneously, to various local political parties, such as the Akalis in Punjab, the SP or the BSP in UP, the AIADMK or the DMK in Tamil Nadu and so on. And what kind of national government could such a motley crew of diverse people give us? The result’s almost too sorry to imagine.


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