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Mis-AD-ventures : episode 2

Another ad struck me the other day as a prime example of stupidity and sheer carelessness in planning.

The Hyundai ad for their i20 model has the tagline, “While others change the rules, I change the game.”
I wonder if anyone in the publicity department of the company, let alone the agency responsible for dreaming up this beauty even thought about what the line meant. What does it mean? That while others cheat, I cheat even more? That while others play unfairly, I act like a cry baby and refuse to play a game I’m losing at? I can almost imagine a 5 yr old throwing a tantrum and refusing to complete the game of foosball he’s losing. “I wanna play cops and robber now! Waaahhh!”

In their plainly visible, desperate attempt to sound cool, not one of the “media consultants” bothered to understand the meaning of the words they strung together.

The new i20. For cheaters and cry babies everywhere. lol


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