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How much is too much?

Just a general wondering. How much is too much? How many posts in one day will you be ready to read from one blogger in a day before thinking, “TMI!”. Just a rough estimate? I doubt there are many among us here with enough material in us to make 30 posts a day, everyday, and make them all interesting at that. At some point they will degenerate into the usual FB status update (Do they still have that? Haven’t been on FB since, well I’ll not talk about that, but it’s been a while). Anyway to get back to the point…

I know I’ve been guilty of overposting too. There are days with more than 6 posts. Mostly days when my emotions ran rampant and roughshod over me and the fingers just flew over the keyboard…But normally I hardly ever cross 3. So what’s your upper limit? I’m not talking about pulling out knives and waving them threateningly kind of limits, just enough to not want to click on that post in your reader or that link in your inbox?

5? 10? n?


About hbhatnagar

I need to fill this up with much better content than I had populated it with earlier. Why I write a blog maybe? I started blogging in 2009 or thereabouts. I was a newly turned atheist and wanted to converse with others of the same persuasion. We're not exactly a big population group in India! It didn't go very well and I sort of lost interest, posting a few things now and then. I got a lot more regular over the last few months and have been posting almost daily since February '15. There were many reasons why I gradually became more regular in posting, but one way or the other, here I am! So this blog has taken shape, being at different points in time my showcase, my comedy club, my art gallery, my book club, my therapist, my close friend, my innermost self....but always my little corner of the world. You are all welcome to visit and I hope you stay awhile! A few points about me because I don't want to lead anyone on(and trust me this does become an issue more often than I'd care to admit). I'm Indian, the brown-skinned variety; if race, ethnicity or skin colour is an issue, you don't have to get to know me any more than what you see on my blog. I'm 40, so if age is an issue, please be informed accordingly. I was a doctor, an ophthalmic surgeon for 10 years before I quit practice.


32 thoughts on “How much is too much?

  1. I have no limit. If it is something I am interested in, it doesn’t matter to me. I am guilty of heavy posting. If it bothers someone they can unfollow. I love to write and I am on disability and can’t work so this is something I can do for a while at least and then I lay down to rest. My bed is right here.

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    Posted by Tessa | 30/08/2015, 6:52 AM
  2. You see, the problem that has been created here is that when I read the title of this post I read it as a philosophical ponderance, the kind which devout students sit and discuss for years without ever really discovering a satisfactory answer. It is similar to the question, “What is art?”, I’m quite fond of that question myself, but not in terms of answering it, I just like to open a door to a room full of studenty type people and then hurl it in there like a grenade and shut the door again and listen to kerfuffle, rumpus and burly hurly.
    Anyway, I’ll get back onto the motorway and confess that within a split second of reading the title I knew what my answer would be… William Blake… the prophetic poet. Although he is not the answer but he has quotes for most occasions, though saying that, he probably never had a wordpress blog. But you never know… I’ll roll the dice for you and we’ll see what happens. Also because he is so good, it is not just one quote, it is three separate quotes, albeit from the same poem, in fact virtually every line from the same poem “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell” is a famous quote…

    There was an old party of Lyme
    Who married three wives at one time.
    When asked: “Why the third?”
    He replied: “One’s absurd,
    And bigamy, sir, is a crime.”

    Ooops, that’s not Blake, sorry I’ll try again…

    “You never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough.”

    “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.”

    “No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.”

    Yeah, I know… Surely you’re used to me by now?
    If I were to reply to all of your posts then your question here might take on a whole different meaning.

    my toast does not rhyme,
    Rhymeless Toast

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    Posted by Rhymeless Toast | 26/08/2015, 6:49 AM
  3. I now take a break in my morning eye shadow application to respond to this darling little rant. (I just love reading your rants).

    I understand what you’re asking, and I think by now you know that every situation is different. When I started blogging, I was writing for myself and had very few subscribers. However, with almost no readers, I felt free to write what I wanted to, every day. This gave my blog something that new readers could use as an indicator that I would be writing consistently. I’ve seen lots of blogs start out hot and end abruptly. Posting once a day got my archives bulky. I noticed that photographs would get views but I was not primarily here for photography, so I didn’t take the hint.

    I once posted two things at a time: One painting and one prose fiction. For me, this worked because you looked at one and read the other. It felt strange posting just one painting at a time, but I’ve learned a lot by trying lots of things and reading other blogs. I’ll use the word “overposting” when I scroll down and can’t see anyone else in my reader. I will be focused on finding and reading from other blogs when this happens.

    One thing I have learned by paying attention to my subscribers is that often, readers who post ten times a day are focused on their own blogs and will not have time to read anyone else’s. I won’t mind 10 daily posts if they’re photography, or paintings but for the latter no one can produce that much work in one day. It’s physically too much.

    Regardless of the number of posts per day, I will support subscribers with whom I have good rapport.

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    Posted by Sabiscuit | 26/08/2015, 5:05 AM
    • Missed out on photography, that could have been an outlier.I generally use email updates from blogs I follow instead of the reader, so 20 posts in my inbox from one person shine out. Again, not being prejudicial, and it’s nice to know that if/when I go completely around the bend there will be one person who will not think her reader page spammed! πŸ™‚

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      Posted by hbhatnagar | 26/08/2015, 6:14 AM
  4. I haven’t even come close to one a day. I think the most is twice a week.

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    Posted by Cat | 25/08/2015, 11:59 PM
  5. Generally, more than once a day borders on annoying unless the posts are short and witty.

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    Posted by Victo Dolore | 25/08/2015, 10:37 PM
  6. I have never posted more than one post in a day. In fact my highest no of post in a month is 13… πŸ™‚ hahaha… πŸ™‚

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    Posted by Ashish kumar | 25/08/2015, 10:19 PM
  7. Definitely not n! Upto 3 is ideal I think. If one has a lot to say, I’d much rather read everything in a single post at the end of the day.


    Posted by Uday | 25/08/2015, 9:57 PM
  8. My limit is 2, done a couple of times. πŸ™‚

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    Posted by Amy | 25/08/2015, 9:57 PM
  9. 2 is good !

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    Posted by priyankamoraes | 25/08/2015, 9:35 PM
  10. My upper limit is 2. I don’t think I have ever done more than 2 that too on a blue moon only.

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    Posted by ANooP | 25/08/2015, 8:57 PM
  11. I don’t think the number of posts matters at all so long as you have something to say.


    Posted by thegirlhasnoname | 25/08/2015, 8:57 PM
    • But how much can you have to say in a day, every day? How many blogs do you see with 30+ posts daily of high quality readable material? I’m not talking subjectively either, I don’t read celeb gossip but I would find it hard to imagine someone having 30 celeb scoops daily! Don’t you think so? Thanks for commenting BTW. πŸ™‚

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      Posted by hbhatnagar | 25/08/2015, 9:08 PM

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