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Sumerian antiquities at the Louvre – 4

Lamentations are well-recorded in Sumerian archives. Essays and poems bemoaning the looting of a city and the temple of its patron deity were etched onto tablets and kept for posterity. Many of them have survived (in most cases because the clay tablets got baked and hardened when the palace library went up in flames). Reading them is like reading a newspaper today (well, today in 2006).

How would generations 5000 years hence interpret the blame-game currently ongoing between the US and Iran?

Lamentation of Lagash

The translated text reads,

“Umma’s man set fire to the border slope, He set fire to Anta Sura and plundered money and lapis lazuli. He killed in the palace of Tiras, he killed in ‘Apsu-banda, he killed in the chapel of the god Enlil. (…) He set fire to the temple of the goddess Gatumdug, plundered the silver and the lapis lazuli and destroyed the statues. (…) He took away the cereals from the Ningirsu fields! (…) On the part of UruKagina, the king of Girsu | city of the state of Lagash there was no fishing! May the goddess Nidaba, the goddess of Lugalzagesi, prince of Umma, bear the weight of this sin!”


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2 thoughts on “Sumerian antiquities at the Louvre – 4

  1. chanced upon your translation of Poems by Ms Kartika, great efforts keeping the soul of the words written. My compliments..


    Posted by Sanjeev Bhatnagar | 23/01/2020, 12:24 AM

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