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Sumerian antiquities at the Louvre – 6

Some more examples of foundation nails, these made of more perishable materials, pillar bases, and plaques from Sumerian temples.

The king in the temple and relaxing at the palace.

Visual representation was important even in the first society with a script. The king is depicted markedly bigger than the commoners, whether he is paying homage to the gods or sitting and sipping wine in is palace. Note the exquisite sheepskin skirt he has on.

The base of a pillar from a temple. Two pins, perhaps of copper were inserted into the holes seen, and fit into similar holes in the section placed on top of this, stabilizing the structure.
Foundation nails for a temple Uruk, c 24th cent. BCE

The script on the foundation nail at the right describes a treaty between Enmetena, prince of Lagash, and Lugal-Kinishedudu, prince of Uruk. The symbolic burial of the nail in the temple foundations was meant to signify the sanctity of the treaty.


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  1. Thank you, Dr Hb for bringing the series back!


    Posted by Amy | 27/05/2020, 8:02 PM

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