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Sumerian antiquities at the Louvre – 8

Lamassu from the palace of Sargon II near modern-day Khorsabad. These mythical creatures with the body of a winged bull or lion and the head of a human were considered as guardian deities, and seals depicting these magical creatures were buried under the threshold of Assyrian homes in the 1st millennium BCE.

Of course, the kings, especially one who linked himself with the legendary Sargon of Akkad, the first emperor in the world, elevated the Lamassu to such huge proportions and magnificence.

The curved horns on the Lamassu’s crown declare his divinity, the more powerful deities were depicted with more sets of horns, almost like the insignia on the epaulets of modern military officers.
One of the pair of Lamassi who guarded the throne-room of Sargon II. Each anatomical detail of the bull is faithfully and beautifully rendered, including the veins meandering down its legs.

Viewed from the front, the elaborate coif and curled beard of the Lamassu impart it a dignity fit for a king.

A close-up view. The deep-set eyes of the Lamassu still look down at us with gravity and power over two-and-a-half millennia after they were carved.

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