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Six word stories

We are all separately, severally, incomplete

Six word story 

My picture of incompleteness is complete… 

Ghazal (mine)

I don’t usually preface my verse. This is something I wrote sometime ago, I waited until I was in the mood to translate this into English, for those who read my posts but don’t know Hindustani. I’ve tried to keep a meter to the verse; this means, of course, that some of the couplets aren’t … Continue reading

Six word story 

Life’s another word for getting tired… 

Six word story

A chameleon forgets its original hue 

Six word story 

Beware those who’re quick to love.

Six word story

Truth’s a fearsome beast; my child…..

One liner Wednesday 

Most people in office are busy doing stats…. Staring Thoughtfully At The Screen…. 

Six word stories

Secret most guarded, memory most unguarded…..

One liner Wednesdays

I’m waiting for the world to reach the “it’s so bad, it’s good” stage. Any moment now……