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Indian independence

Today is the day for unabashed, jingoistic, patriotism, so here goes… I’ll discuss independence another time. 🙂

The other side

I was an ophthalmic surgeon for over a decade. In that period, I operated on hundreds of patients. It was an experience unlike any other, to be able to cure someone of some disease forever. Walking into the operating room was a solemn moment, even if I entered joking or humming a song. There was … Continue reading


Just a small update to those who know and care: the surgery went well, no complications and I am on my way to recovery. I’m not spending a lot of time typing since that’s still strain, but I hope to be back to business soon. 🙂

Elective hiatus

I haven’t been posting much about myself lately. This would be one of the uncommon exceptions. In about 12 hours, I will undergo surgery for cataract in my left eye. I don’t know how it will go (and I know more than most what can go wrong in this procedure! :D), so I can’t say … Continue reading

Goodreads reading challenge

For once I am ahead of the curve in completing the challenge. About seven months in and I am 80% through with my target. 🙂


If you are in Basel and looking for a place to eat, you must, must try Kelim’s. Tucked in a little side-alley off Barfusserplatz, it is a delightful Turkish restaurant in a converted ground floor of a house. The food is delicious, the wines good, and the hospitality so very warm you feel like you’re … Continue reading

Dream squared

Ever had a dream in which you found yourself recounting older dreams? Or actually reliving them? In full detail? I had this experience just hours ago. I’d forgotten those earlier ones, and last night I saw them all “in a dream”. There was that ice factory, the train ride, the Bengali suburb, my childhood home, … Continue reading


India has never been a polite country (well mostly), but some people have toiled on, trying to improve it one person, one behavior at a time. However, the next woman who waltzes by like some queen without saying “thank you” while I hold the door open for her will feel that door on her butt. … Continue reading


A short sabbatical, and I hope to be back soon. Take care and stay strong.

The Bhatnagar law of relationships 

If two people stand at the same spot relative to each other, the distance between them keeps on increasing.