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The Bhatnagar law of relationships 

If two people stand at the same spot relative to each other, the distance between them keeps on increasing. 


It’s one of those, “Isn’t it Friday already?” kind of Thursdays… 

On a break 

No I’m not channeling Ross, just going offline for a few days; hope to be back Monday. Take care everyone 

Examples in foolishness 

Putting my hand in roiling water to put the bubbles in order. 

Think this… 

A good conversationalist doesn’t look towards a knowledge transaction been her/him and another person. 

Think this…

Is it better to be loved for your strengths or your faults? Strengths attract people but they eventually want you weak…faults attract people but never for the right reasons.

Random thoughts….

They aren’t six word stories I post, just thoughts I fold into six words…I wonder what I should call them?

The empty chair

Six word story

That sonogram’s about to take birth…

On living through.. 

I haven’t been talking about myself on my blog for some time now. I also went back and removed a few hundred posts by making them private.  I don’t want to be accused of fishing for sympathy and using people; it’s better to post pictures and jokes and random stuff.  I will be in Basel … Continue reading