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Mango blossoms

The summer has barely arrived but some mango trees can’t wait to set out their fruit… Advertisements


Though I do not consider myself among the fanciest of diners (even though I have been known to eat pizza with a knife and fork), there is one thing that I can unabashedly stuff into my mouth by the hand full, these popcorns smothered in salty butter…some things are made to screw up diet plans.

One more down…

Made it through the day without any overt signs of breakdown. Thank you, all  of you for your words of support and encouragement.


This beautiful event happened when I was on my sabbatical; thank you for liking my posts enough to consider coming back again, all 1515 of you! 🙂

Happy 2018!

Just logging in to wish everyone a very happy new year! On a personal note, my procedure went ok (I should find out more today) though it was more pain than a broken bone or a ruptured muscle, for a day. I’m back and I hope to be more regular starting now!

My goodreads book profile for this year


Forced break

Lost both, my desktop and my laptop within the same fortnight. I’ll be back when I get at least one of them in working order (maybe unscrew my mind a little as well). Take care and see you on the other side.

Happy Diwali!


I haven’t been posting often, lately. From 2-3 posts a day to a post every 3-4 days, it’s been a slow but consistent descent. Time is the biggest reason. Work has been killing since April, and the last two months were ever worse. Add to that the new part-time freelancing gig I’ve picked up, the … Continue reading


As I speak, my city is on fire. A few hours ago, the leader of a very big cult in the region was convicted of rape by a special court. about 200,000 of his followers had reached Panchkula in anticipation of the verdict. As soon as the news spread people resorted to stone pelting, burning … Continue reading