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Happy Diwali!


I haven’t been posting often, lately. From 2-3 posts a day to a post every 3-4 days, it’s been a slow but consistent descent. Time is the biggest reason. Work has been killing since April, and the last two months were ever worse. Add to that the new part-time freelancing gig I’ve picked up, the … Continue reading


As I speak, my city is on fire. A few hours ago, the leader of a very big cult in the region was convicted of rape by a special court. about 200,000 of his followers had reached Panchkula in anticipation of the verdict. As soon as the news spread people resorted to stone pelting, burning … Continue reading

Indian independence

Today is the day for unabashed, jingoistic, patriotism, so here goes… I’ll discuss independence another time. 🙂

The other side

I was an ophthalmic surgeon for over a decade. In that period, I operated on hundreds of patients. It was an experience unlike any other, to be able to cure someone of some disease forever. Walking into the operating room was a solemn moment, even if I entered joking or humming a song. There was … Continue reading


Just a small update to those who know and care: the surgery went well, no complications and I am on my way to recovery. I’m not spending a lot of time typing since that’s still strain, but I hope to be back to business soon. 🙂

Elective hiatus

I haven’t been posting much about myself lately. This would be one of the uncommon exceptions. In about 12 hours, I will undergo surgery for cataract in my left eye. I don’t know how it will go (and I know more than most what can go wrong in this procedure! :D), so I can’t say … Continue reading

Goodreads reading challenge

For once I am ahead of the curve in completing the challenge. About seven months in and I am 80% through with my target. 🙂


If you are in Basel and looking for a place to eat, you must, must try Kelim’s. Tucked in a little side-alley off Barfusserplatz, it is a delightful Turkish restaurant in a converted ground floor of a house. The food is delicious, the wines good, and the hospitality so very warm you feel like you’re … Continue reading

Dream squared

Ever had a dream in which you found yourself recounting older dreams? Or actually reliving them? In full detail? I had this experience just hours ago. I’d forgotten those earlier ones, and last night I saw them all “in a dream”. There was that ice factory, the train ride, the Bengali suburb, my childhood home, … Continue reading