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Turned 40 yesterday. Was I happy it was my birthday? I don’t think many are, once they are out of their teens. But who am I to say that? Given my genetic background I’m through with less than half my life, but it seems so much longer. And the last so many years seemed compacted … Continue reading

Since I’ve been copy – sketching 

A guest

Over a month ago, I got a text from an old patient of mine, asking for my address. Took me a little down memory lane. I had operated on this guy when he was a teenager. There was a suspicious (and ugly-looking, which was of more import to him) growth in his right eye and … Continue reading

Couplet (mine)

हुआ क्या जाएगा इन चंद तिनकों के उड़ाने में ये वीरां हो चुकी बस्ती सो अब क्या ख़ाक उजड़ेगी?   Hua kya jaayega in chand tinkon ke uDaane mein? Yeh veeraan ho chuki basti, so ab kya khaak ujDegee?   What pain if you tear up a weed? These ruins won’t go again to seed……   … Continue reading

Ode to an unfinished memory..

Baker man – 3

Using this long pole we placed our loaves into the pre-heated oven (no thermostat though!). It took less than ten minutes and we all had our very own bread! Something I seem unnaturally proud of. I took my fresh loaf and sat in the small cafeteria right next to the amphitheatre and ate it with … Continue reading

That moment

That moment when you feel silly because you got lost finding something because you forgot how organized you are……

Thank you

Four consecutive days with over a hundred views! I’m not used to such popularity, meagre as it is compared to blog celebs. But thank you all, for reading what I post and liking it, it means a lot to me. Thank you!

Probably the last from the air (I think!)

Some sort of power generating unit? Looked very neat and orderly. This looks like something I’d build in SimCity or somewhere. Can’t get over sloped roof houses though.  

Munich Airport – early morning

Early in the morning, quiet and inviting. I wish I’d had the time to sit and have a bite here. The lampshades were beautiful, too beautiful for me to resist taking a shot in passing.