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Walking in Strasbourg – 10

One bird rests and another keeps flying…

Walking in Strasbourg – 9

The sound of the plane reminded us that we had not traveled back in time….

Walkin in Strasbourg – 8

I wondered what lay behind those (what I assume are) attic windows…

Walking in Strasbourg – 7

The shop windows were so tastefully decorated and so inviting, I ended up buying my first cliched souvenirs.

Walking in Strasbourg – 6

After the cathedral, we went for a stroll through petit France, the quaint old neighborhood of Strasbourg, pretty much untouched by most modern architectural blights. The ornate carved timber was a treat to behold, as were the window-sills stocked with bric-a-brac

Walking in Strasbourg – 5

A street musician in Strasbourg. I loved the dog in the guitar case. 🙂 I tried to get the man to look at the camera and smile a little, but he refused to acknowledge my presence… I decided the dog was a little better as the model.

Cathedral square

And since I am fond of panoramic views (and slow-motion videos) to the point of weirdness, here’s one of the square outside Strasbourg cathedral.  

Pretty maids all in a row

A part of the Strasbourg carnival parade.

Mundane Mondays #96

Strasbourg parade

We turned from the cathedral to this beautiful scene….the Strasbourg parade that celebrates the coming of spring. The carnival spans the entire Alsace region of France, but Strasbourg is reputed to have the biggest and best parade. 🙂