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The Mall area, Manali

Another Hindu temple with Buddhist architectural overtones in the Mall area at Manali. A part of the reason for the slanting roofs is the seasonal snowfall of course, but the porticos all around and other clues tell of its composite, syncretic history. Advertisements

The winding path

The way from our hotel to the old town was via this lovely path winding through boulders down a hill-side; with a couple of level clearings to stand and enjoy the view. With my addiction to panoramic shots, how could I resist?

Old Manali at night

The old town at night. Manali suffers from the same affliction as every other popular hill-station; its narrow, winding lanes were never planned to handle traffic composed of every car and SUV known to humankind. Traffic jams are a common sight and make the locals hate the tourists at times. Who would blame them?

Mountains in the trees

The Rock

Next door to the hotel at which we stayed was the residence of a retired judge; a huge rambling old place that fit the role of a hill-station bungalow to a T. On its grounds, untouched and moss covered, lay this huge boulder, about 12 feet high, old as the Himalayas. Oh, what a lovely … Continue reading

The morning moon and apple trees

Growing up, I believed, as every kid probably does, that the moon shines at night, like the sun does during the day. Seeing the former, then, before sunset or sunrise was always a surprise, something jarring that just didn’t make sense. This was the view from the hotel room we stayed in, those are apple … Continue reading

A street corner at night

Growing up, little tuck-shops such as this were a common sight in smaller towns and tourist spots; someone put a few boards up to grab a few quick rupees and then decided to stay put. They could offer anything from snacks and cold drinks to camera rolls (remember those?) to tacky souvenirs to some famous … Continue reading

On the way to Manali – 3

These mountains were our destination. To be so close to perpetual snow in a tropical country is a blessing to people such as I. The air was already cooler, though owing to the fact that there was just one main highway connecting Manali to the rest of the country and it was chock-full of traffic, … Continue reading

On the way to Manali – 2

The fast-flowing Beas river kept us company along the way, through narrow gorges and wider valleys. One of the five rivers that give Punjab its name and its extraordinary fertility, the Beas provides for some excellent white-water rafting opportunities.

On the way to Manali

A Hindu temple with clear Buddhist overtones. Hindu religious architecture changes as you move from one India state to another. There are several variants across the country; like Hindu beliefs, the architecture also never followed a single canon. 🙂