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Mes Trois Amour

I fell in love with three women in Paris. I know, some of you might think, “Just three????” 😀 But I couldn’t help it. I knew two of them from before I met them; the third had only recently become an acquaintance. I could have spent days just gazing at them, like some love-sick poet … Continue reading

At the Eiffel – 7

Palais de Chaillot, framed by the graceful arch of the Eiffel tower. Though I didn’t visit the Palais (see the menacing clouds), but it is definitely worth going to, if you have the time. It houses four museums and a theatre. Another view of the world’s second ugliest building (The French make even ugliness worth … Continue reading

At the Eiffel – 6

Going down the stairway rather than taking the lift gives you a unique view of the innards of the tower, not that the open design technically has “innards”. The Eiffel tower was built of steel as a light, airy, soaring representation of modernity in architecture, breaking free of the weight and stolidity of stone; the … Continue reading

At the Eiffel – 5

At the Eiffel – 4

I had wondered what sort of lights lit up the tower so beautifully at night. 

Paris from the Eiffel – 3

Champ de Mars

The “Field of Mars” – after the Roman god of war. Nothing martial about them, to my eye; just the beauty of symmetry and straight lines. The sleek black building is the Tour Montparnasse (voted as the second ugliest building in the world). Its observation deck is said to have the most beautiful view of … Continue reading

Dôme des Invalides

The Dôme des Invalides, houses, among other famous people, the mortal remains of (arguably) the most famous Frenchman of them all, Napoleon. Originally a church, it was repurposed as the final resting place of Napoleon, going to serve as the crypt for his family and some of France’s greatest military heroes (including Field Marshal Foch, Commander … Continue reading

Paris from the Eiffel – 2

The beautiful vista that opened up to my eyes from the tower was too much to take in, in a single shot.

Paris from the Eiffel

A panoramic view, which people who know me would know is a weakness of mine. 🙂