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At the Eiffel Tower – 3

The obligatory standing-under-the-tower-and-looking-up shot I know I was doing the most tourist-y thing, but the symmetry of the lines was too striking to forgo the fleeting moment of embarrassment. 🙂

At the Eiffel Tower – 2

It took me the better part of two hours of standing in lines and going through security checks to get my hands on this ticket. There was another line to get to the elevators for the tower’s upper stories. The amount of time it took can be gauged by how the sky looked, by the … Continue reading

At the Eiffel Tower

My first glimpse of the icon of Paris, all of France really. Google Maps was of immense help in getting me there, guiding me every step of the way. The day was cloudy and promised rain (which it duly delivered), but the soaring steel still had its charm. “Man’s finger pointed at god.” I’m not … Continue reading

Beauty remains

This makes sense in hindsight but at the moment, as I was walking toward the Eiffel tower, this lovely decorative set caught my eye and made me pause.

Paris – 2

A few minutes after reaching my hotel, I was off to see what every tourist in Paris is off to see. I did take the time to appreciate the views on the way though, like this little nugget tucked between higher rising apartments to both sides.

Paris – 1

My first glimpse of the city and the Seine… And a quick peek at the Concorde. A pity this graceful machine will not fly again…


The business part of the trip over with, it me-time, and time to fly to Paris! We did fly through some rather choppy skies and the clouds promised rain, but still – Paris!

Night lights…

St. Elizabeth’s Church at night. I love this spot in Basel, with the medieval Gothic cathedral towering over the modernistic lines of the Opera house. The night, the moon and the warm street lamps magnified the charm manifold…  


A former colleague took us to Desperado, our third meal in a Mexican themed place in Basel on one trip. 😀 The chandelier was eye-catching…  


I have talked about Papa Joe’s before, my second-favourite eating spot in Basel, after Kelim. It’s an upbeat, modern place, with a mostly young crowd. I had a good-sized crowd dining with me this time, so it was great fun. 🙂 My standard order is a tequila sunrise and baby-back ribs: Vegetarian options include platters … Continue reading