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That calms me down!

Seven important people dealing in finance and shares come together to tell us there is no danger. Yeah, that assures me there’s nothing to worry!

One Rank One Pension

If this is the shabby way we treat our Army veterans, maybe we do deserve to be ruled by another country. I have seldom seen such pride and honor in one man, old, enfeebled, bedraggled and yet standing proud. I don’t know who you are sir, but you have my respect. One Rank One Pension … Continue reading

Net Neutrality in India

I’d request all Indian net users reading this post to please go to http://www.savetheinternet.in Net neutrality is an issue we must all rise up for, unless we want faceless companies deciding what we can and cannot access online, for their profits. Please go to the site and register your protest. It’s so easy to do, … Continue reading


About a week back, Indians switching on to watch the news were treated to a barrage of looped video recordings of a young girl being brutally molested by no less than 50 men on the streets of one of our state capitals, Guwahati. In plain view of passersby, for over 30 minutes, the men repeatedly … Continue reading

A democratic joke.

The BJP has decided on its third Chief Minister for the state of Karnataka, Mr. Shettar, who will be sworn in within a few days. Normally, this wouldn’t be anything worth mentioning; politicians come and go from seats of power and we seem to have reconciled to the recurring event. But what makes this stand … Continue reading

Necrophiliacs of the world may soon have reason to rejoice!

http://now.msn.com/now/0425-egypt-dead-wife-sex.aspx?_p=8eb0f6cb-43ec-47fe-a6ee-aaa6298e7d91&_nwpt=1 The Egyptian Parliament is considering passing a law allowing bereaved husbands to legally have sex with the corpse of their wife within six hours of her death. Now, before feminists get all riled up, this law would also allow widows the same rights, though in their case, the anatomical problem would remain to be … Continue reading

Politics and morality?

I read this blog recently at atheistconnect.org http://www.atheistconnect.org/2011/10/10/herman-cain-jesus-and-the-perspective-of-history/ Now, since I’m too young to have seen the American Civil Rights movement live and too far removed geographically to understand how big a role it plays in modern American politics, I cannot comment on what David Stockin talks about here on that topic and its relevance … Continue reading

Azad’s azaadi…..

Hardly a day goes by when some prominent person or another doesn’t rile against homosexuality. The Indian health minister, Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad was the latest in this illustrious line-up, commenting in a speech to health workers that MSM (males having sex with males, the latest euphemism for gay people) was a disease. In a … Continue reading

Baba re!

The Baba Ramdev was forcibly evicted from the Ramlila grounds in Delhi on Saturday night. He had been holding a non-violent political protest rally there for the past couple of days. Apparently at 11:30 PM, the police decided that the sleeping demonstrators constituted a law and order risk and had to be dispersed. What followed … Continue reading

A democratic joke

>The last US Presidential election is way back in the past. But this article I was reading on the media coverage of the campaign leading to it brought some thoughts to mind. The author gives a snapshot of what various news channel websites were offering as information on the two candidates and their respective policies. … Continue reading