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Maybe he’s stupid…..but Sigh Baba sayeth #28

I wonder what is more racist – not nominating any black/latino (ok, non-white) actor/actress for an Oscar, or increasing the number of black/latino (fine, non-white) voting members, because they’ll only pick color-matched nominees. This sounds like first-generation chemotherapy for certain diseases (the cure as bad as the disease)….

Sigh Baba sayeth #27

You know you’re old when you turn to the celeb section of the newspaper and ask yourself, “Who the hell are these people?” – Me Though to be honest, you’re old if you still get (and read) a newspaper! – Sigh Baba (also me)

Sigh baba sayeth #26

“Why is everything that’s precious so scarce? In fact only because it’s scarce is it valued as precious.”  –  Anonymous “So in a perfect world assholes would be quite precious? ” – Sigh baba (aka me)

Sigh Baba sayeth

In winter, food is like the Borg – “Resistance is futile.” We will be assimilated… Sigh baba

Sigh Baba Sayeth #25

“Your best teacher is your last mistake.” – Anon “My last teacher was my best mistake.” 😉 – Sigh Baba

Sigh Baba Sayeth #24

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” – Einstein (?) [you go google it if you’re that curious! :P] “So you want me to strive to be a valuable failure?” – Sigh Baba

Sigh Baba Sayeth #23

“Results can only change when we change our consistent actions and make them habits” – Billy Cox “Consistent actions are habits, so we change our habits into habits and call that change?” – Sigh Baba

Sigh baba sayeth #22

Ram is your soul. Sita is your heart. Ravan is your mind that steals your heart from your soul. Lakshman is your consciousness, always with you and active on your behalf. Hanuman is your intuition and courage that helps retrieve your heart to re-animate your soul – message on Dusshera So, basically, kill your mind … Continue reading

Sigh Baba sayeth #21

“Everyone wants to be a diamond, but few are willing to be cut.” – Anon Well, duh! Cosmetic surgery isn’t for everybody! 😛 –  Sigh Baba (aka me)

Sigh Baba Sayeth #20

“Be still like a mountain and flow like a great river.” – Lao Tse (?) Umm, “mountain river”….. So my options are between an avalanche and a effing glacier? 😛