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Back after a long break

I don’t even remember when exactly I posted last. The dashboard shows some date at the end of April last year, but many of my posts were scheduled so probably early April? April. The start of one of the most challenging months in my life. As the delta Covid19 strain started ravaging India, no one … Continue reading


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SCROLL HOLE: The uncontrollable act of endlessly and mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds. 🌸 The similarity to “down the rabbit hole dis not escape me! Our brain likes to finish acts and uses that as a sign to stop. We finish the food on our plate, we…


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 Mindfulness is a word that gets thrown about a lot, but what exactly is it? #jonkabatzinn?, the founder of mindfulness based stress-reduction (MBSR) program, defines it as “The awareness that arises from paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally”.🦋 Purposely directing our attention to the…


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Potatoes have the ability to transform any food preparation into a mouth-watering delicacy, be it curry, parathas, salads… 😋 In fact, it’s hard to believe that potatoes were not a part of Indian cuisine till about a few centuries ago when we were introduced to them courtesy the…

Essential Fatty Acids

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Essential fatty acids are a vital component for our body, and these need to be sourced from our food. They are of two types: Omega 6 and Omega 3. 🌴 Most traditional Indian diets provide sufficient Omega 6, but might lack in Omega 3. Fatty fish is the…


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Do you know we have the same number of bacteria in our body as the number of human cells that make us up? The majority of these bacteria live in our gut, comprising what is known as the gut microbiome.🌺 The science of gut microbiome is evolving so…

Stress: Then and Now

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What evolved biologically in us as a defense mechanism is easily overwhelming us nowadays.🍁 Our ancestors either relaxed after they found safe shelter, or they were eaten up! Stress was, literally, a matter of life and death!🍁 In today’s world, the sources of stress are different and most are…

Refined carbs

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Pretty enough to pose before…but are these healthy enough to eat as well? Sugar and refined carbs (which also turns into glucose) attach to proteins in our body, producing toxins known as AGEs. And as the name suggests, they accelerate the ageing process! Science has learned how to…

Giving VOICE to my poetry

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Hello to the one who’s reading this! Hope you are doing well and keeping safe. While a lot changed during the pandemic, and things still remain uncertain, I am sure that all of us discovered something within ourselves.? The thing I found, or…

Napoleon III’s apartments at the Louvre – 9

Atlas holding up the world is part of an ancient Greek legend. My introduction to this Titan came from the stories of Hercules’ labors, where he got Atlas to help him steal a golden apple from Hera’s garden. The Greek myth had Atlas holding up the sky but later figures showed him carrying the earth … Continue reading