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Refined carbs

Originally posted on The Art of Health:
Pretty enough to pose before…but are these healthy enough to eat as well? Sugar and refined carbs (which also turns into glucose) attach to proteins in our body, producing toxins known as AGEs. And as the name suggests, they accelerate the ageing process! Science has learned how to…

Giving VOICE to my poetry

Originally posted on From the Soul to the nib of the Pen:
Hello to the one who’s reading this! Hope you are doing well and keeping safe. While a lot changed during the pandemic, and things still remain uncertain, I am sure that all of us discovered something within ourselves.? The thing I found, or…

Napoleon III’s apartments at the Louvre – 9

Atlas holding up the world is part of an ancient Greek legend. My introduction to this Titan came from the stories of Hercules’ labors, where he got Atlas to help him steal a golden apple from Hera’s garden. The Greek myth had Atlas holding up the sky but later figures showed him carrying the earth … Continue reading

Burgenstock – 9

It’s not easy to appreciate a 360-degree view in 2-D, but I have no other option but to share this vista in this limited manner. The original file is over 100 MB; I’m just waiting for holographic technology to kick in… 😉

Luzern – 9

It was literally the middle of the week, but the beautiful weather had still brought the sailor out in some people.

Stories From Anywhere

Originally posted on Mick Canning:
I am proud to announce…Tah…Rah!! A book of short stories from Tunbridge Wells Writers. My regular reader may be interested to learn that the collection includes a fairly long short story of mine, World’s End, and I’m reasonably proud to point out that the cover is also designed by me.…

One liner Wednesday

I separated from my wife due to creative differences: she kept dreaming up new reasons to fight.

World Suicide Prevention Day

Originally posted on Poetry of an eccentric sheep:
? ? You wish you were someone else Every night you fall to pieces Knowing you can’t save yourself I can see you, I can hear you There’s a place where the broken go There’s a room full of second chances You’re not stranded on your own…


I have been rejected enough to have built up some immunity against it…


Borrowed joy,  Words that soar,  Smiles aplenty,  Grins galore.  Temporary,  Not my own.  When will you,  Recall your loan?