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Pun of the weak

What did the kid face at home after failing in Algebra? The after-math. (dedicated to “bays in bars”) Advertisements

Lessons In Defiance

As the few regular readers I have would know, I seldom reblog. This post by zenlikefuck is definitely worth a read though. Source: Lessons In Defiance

Old friend

Met an old friend after quite some time the other night. Strangely, the friend didn’t feel a stranger…

Why I’m Wordless At Times

Originally posted on The World Is A Book…:
“Why I’m wordless at times…” by Dr. Hb (hbhatnagar) A moment of courage A moment of doubt A quick look within A quicker without And then you are with me And now I’m alone And that’s how I forget All words that I’ve known Thank you, Dr. Hb…

With due respect to Armstrong 

When the walls come crashing in… 


1911. I wonder how disappointed he would be? 

Six word story 

Die. See how little you mattered. 

The Indian edition of my book is published!

Originally posted on Mick Canning:
Well, it’s taken me long enough, as I’m sure everyone will agree, but I have finally managed to publish Making Friends with the Crocodile as a Print on demand paperback in India! Hurrah! It is published by Pothi, and is available on their site, here, and on Amazon.in and Flipkart. It is…

And on the other side

As we waited upwards of an hour on the other bank of the Rhine for the next leg of our ride to the rock, I noticed another quiet little nook, and this duck to keep us company…

One liner Wednesday

How come no adult store chain ever thought of naming themselves Hornucopia? I mean it’s right there….