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Targeted advertising

Dear limeroad.com, While it’s true that I have been in touch with the feminine side of me, I haven’t taken it far enough to want to buy “Nine essential pieces of lingerie” that I just must have. Camisoles and baby-doll nighties truly aren’t my thing, on anyone, upto and including mannequins….

Mis(ad)ventures – CK meforme

Way to go CK! Adopt a hashtag that talked about gender equality and a united solidarity and morph it into something as stupid as a tagline for a effing perfume! Man, you suck!

Mis-AD-ventures : episode 2

Another ad struck me the other day as a prime example of stupidity and sheer carelessness in planning. The Hyundai ad for their i20 model has the tagline, “While others change the rules, I change the game.” I wonder if anyone in the publicity department of the company, let alone the agency responsible for dreaming … Continue reading

My rant against advertising

They say a lot can be told about a culture by the television content it watches. Being such a popular and widespread medium, it necessarily reflects the people and their views and outlook on life. The same can be said about the advertisements running on TV too. Being created by professionals for the sole purpose … Continue reading