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One liner Wednesday (yeah it’s Friday) – gross-out warning

The problem with democracy is that if you give every asshole an equal voice, all you’ll hear is farts.

One liner Wednesday

All you people enjoying bird plumage in the mating season do realize this is just the male birds’ version of sending d*** pics, right?

One liner Wednesday

Do we call them c***s and p*****s because for all its strutting around, the poor bird is shit scared of the feline? 😜

New Word Tuesdays

Dick-saster /dɪkˈzɑːstə/ (n.) – A big tragedy, the result of someone acting like a total dick (see also: cock-tastrophe)

Pun of the Weak

Are guys who get circumcised worried about losing their manhood?

Pun of the weak

What do you call a German dildo? The Exact-O.

Pun of the weak

Are anatomy study groups all boning each other??

Mis-directed advertising

Know your audience people!! 😀

Pun of the weak

Do horses have nightwomen? What does that say about their character???

One liner Wednesday

How come no adult store chain ever thought of naming themselves Hornucopia? I mean it’s right there….