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New Word Tuesdays

Hand-screw (n.) – To offer someone a helping hand and then shove it up their ***.

Pun of the weak

Are bi-sexuals better at navigating because they get “directions”? (I know it’sweak, but I’m easing into it,  so hold your horses! :P)

One Liner Wednesday (adult humor warning)

What did the sailor say when asked for directions to the nearest brothel? “Thar she blows!”

New Word Tuesdays

Graycist (adj.) – Anti-vanilla, someone who discriminates on the basis of sexual kinks….

In case of earthquake….?

…..bend over???????

New Word Tuesdays

Orastitute (n.) – A person who will say anything to please another, as long as there’s a profit in it. (see also – corporate w****s)

Pun of the weak

Should men be scared of women who eat meat? (I know it’s derivative)

One liner Wednesdays

I wonder how men can use the word f*** in a negative sense. How is “I f***ed up” a bad thing??? 😛

Pun of the weak (c. Abyssbrain)

What do you call a concubine who only performs oral s**? A headmistress, of course….

Pun of the weak (c. Abyssbrain)

“Put away the handcuffs, Ms. Moneypenny,” M said in a tired voice. I asked, “what’s Bond’s age!”