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One liner Wednesday

Do we call them c***s and p*****s because for all its strutting around, the poor bird is shit scared of the feline? ūüėú

New word Tuesdays 

Prickly (adv.) – in a way that is reminiscent of a dick.  Eg. Spicer made a prickly defense against charges of nepotism in the White House. 

Pun of the weak 

The name “Jackson” seems quite an oxymoron… 

One liner Wednesday 

I know this might get me a lot of brickbats, but isn’t menostop a more accurate term for the process? 

New word Tuesdays 

Fletter (v.) – To use a cuss word without actually using it. Eg. “What the ‘eff’ are you doing?” 

One liner Wednesday 

Aren’t steroid-ed athletes technically the only ones with “nuts”? 

One liner Wednesday 

Women – “You’re gay? Sigh, the best men are either married or gay.” (small teardrop at the corner of the eye)  Man – “You’re lesbian?” (small drool-drop at the corner of the mouth) 

Pun of the weak (adult humour, you have been warned)

I heard he says his girlfriend’s a manicurist, she only gives hand jobs…..

New word Tuesdays

Craphole – a shitty situation you just can’t get out of…

Pun of the weak

Why are diapers such good friends? Because they keep all your shit under wraps….