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Six word story 

She says my feet are clay.. 

Six word stories

Love is a naked, bloody mess.

Six word story (c. Nina)

I’m the gun pointed at me

Six word stories (c. Nina)

‘N she hurts me in revenge

Six word stories (c. nina)

I guess I’m not so obtuse….

Six word story (c. Nina)

The subtext darling, not the context!

We won’t win……

We can keep crying, we can keep getting shocked, we can fly our flags at half-mast, write little poems of sadness and pin them to flowers, light candles and march in silence, tie ribbons on bridges, hear our leaders express sorrow and decry the inhumanity of it all….we can keep doing this and more. Again … Continue reading

Political post after a long time, but I needed something to blow off steam

From bogus land acquisition bills to claiming credit for international crude oil price fluctuations to an insipid budget to steamrolling parliamentary opposition in the name of democracy to curtailing RBI’s freedom to film censorship to rewriting history in their own image to silence on Hindu fanaticism to to silence on corruption by govt ministers to … Continue reading