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Luzern – 2

The welcome gate at the station was striking, but seen better on your way out of the city.


We took a day-trip to Luzern, courtesy our gracious hosts. The welcome gate is magnificent, though I’m not sure why the chariot on top is facing the other way…

Street photography – Basel (14)

The modern Basel theatre, with the neo-gothic church in the background. This is the fourth Theatre Basel to stand on this spot. I liked the smooth, clean lines and utilitarian design of the new building, but the church is definitely more eye-catching, any day of the week….

The textbook shot (for trablogger)

Nothing unique about it, photography 101 really. But I liked the shades so you need must suffer through it. 😀

Another dash, as we dashed to the border

It was growing late and we wanted to shop a little across the border in Weil-Am Rhein, Germany. To someone brought up in a country with fortified borders on each side (Pakistan and China), it was and will remain a lovely experience to just walk over from one country into another. Weil-am Rhein waits for … Continue reading

Klein Basel

My last evening I headed over to the other part of town; Klein Basel was historically the poorer part of the city. This was also where refugees/migrants from Arab countries had been settled, in concrete, featureless, monochromatic apartment blocks. The difference from the earlier pictures I have posted couldn’t be starker. The buildings, the colours, … Continue reading

Through the window….

I haven’t posted pics in a while. The reason is that I am incredibly anal and process shots in chronological order and the recent pics were personal (showed my mug) and I’d rather not share them. Anyhow, these few were taken from my hotel room window, through a glass pane because they don’t allow you … Continue reading

More shots of the Ruuthuus, Basel

Frescoes for TMM… and a tower for me. 😀

The beauty within…

I only wish I were extrovert enough to have entered in and chatted with the dwellers within….