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My religious views

> I am against organized religion. Have been for ages, even before I knew what it was exactly I was against. The whole idea of certain specific rites to be performed and certain ideas to be held sacrosanct over and above us mere mortals even if it was proved time and time again that those … Continue reading


Science? Oh God!

> Haven’t been reading much except for the one book I wish I hadn’t started. I had no idea how facile his arguments could be or I’d never have bought the book. “The Science of God” is based on denying any scientific fact the author can safely refuse to accept and where he cannot do … Continue reading

Roots of morality? Pt.2

This was one of the major questions I struggled with when I was reading “The God Delusion”. Dawkins, of course quoted extensively from the Bible to make the point that wherever we get or morals from, it’s most certainly not from that book. He might be right. I haven’t read the whole testament, but what … Continue reading

Roots of morality?

Morality. It’s a question I can’t get out of my head. And I don’t mean morality as it’s interpreted today, in terms of sexuality. Who’s having sex with who and how and are they married and what not. That seems to be the only thing morality is concerned with today. Greed, corruption, theft, murder are … Continue reading