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Baker man – 3

Using this long pole we placed our loaves into the pre-heated oven (no thermostat though!). It took less than ten minutes and we all had our very own bread! Something I seem unnaturally proud of. I took my fresh loaf and sat in the small cafeteria right next to the amphitheatre and ate it with … Continue reading

Baker man – 2

After grinding the grain, we sifted the flour, then added a little salt, yeast (cheated a little here, the Romans used beer foam), and honey. Leaving it for a while for the dough to rise then all of us molded our own personal loaves. Guess which one’s mine?

Baker man – 2

The oven is heated with wood, to super-heat the tiles. The embers are removed and the tile floor cleaned of any extraneous ash, and is ready to receive the dough for baking. That little area right next to the oven was where the embers were put; a pot of broth or some meat or veggies … Continue reading

Baker man

One of the very few memorable days I’ve spent in my life….This and the the few forthcoming posts are from a rebuilt bakery in the ruins of Augusta Raurica, right next to what were the temple walls. The oven is exactly where it was a couple of millennia ago, rebuilt with concrete for safety purposes, … Continue reading

An aromatic August Afternoon

An Indian, an Australian, and a French woman getting a bread baking lesson from an American and and a half (quarter?) Italian in a Roman ruin in Switzerland. Thank you Beth and Christina for a very interesting and lovely afternoon! #AugustaRaurica It tastes better than it looks.