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Night lights…

St. Elizabeth’s Church at night. I love this spot in Basel, with the medieval Gothic cathedral towering over the modernistic lines of the Opera house. The night, the moon and the warm street lamps magnified the charm manifold…  


A former colleague took us to Desperado, our third meal in a Mexican themed place in Basel on one trip. 😀 The chandelier was eye-catching…  


I have talked about Papa Joe’s before, my second-favourite eating spot in Basel, after Kelim. It’s an upbeat, modern place, with a mostly young crowd. I had a good-sized crowd dining with me this time, so it was great fun. 🙂 My standard order is a tequila sunrise and baby-back ribs: Vegetarian options include platters … Continue reading


Four times I’ve been to Basel, stayed in the same hotel, and never before laid my eyes on this almost quintessentially Indian symbol. Right down to the bright, almost garish, colours and the slightly exaggerated expressions: there had to be an Indian influence here…

Travelling again

I’m on the move again! Visiting Basel once more, a place that has become familiar like home, almost. I will also be in Paris over the May day weekend. Aside from the the fact that it will make my blogging more erratic than it has been this year, I would also ask for any tips … Continue reading


What might have been my last morning in Basel. The view from my hotel room.


If you are in Basel and looking for a place to eat, you must, must try Kelim’s. Tucked in a little side-alley off Barfusserplatz, it is a delightful Turkish restaurant in a converted ground floor of a house. The food is delicious, the wines good, and the hospitality so very warm you feel like you’re … Continue reading

Fondation Beyeler – 3

Apart from the excellent Monets on exhibit, the Fondation Beyeler also has a permanent collection of Picasso on display. I’ve never been a fan of his work, so I’m sorry but someone else will have to post those. 😛 Some evocative pieces of sculpture did catch my fancy. Here is a representative sample of those. … Continue reading

Fondation Beyeler – Monet 27

Water Lilies. Monet painted water lilies probably more than any other subject. These were one of his favorite subject, and close by; the pond in his home at Giverny gave him an always available muse. The striking colors, the sky reflected in the still waters, an image is created of a world separate from the … Continue reading

Fondation Beyeler – Monet 26

Houses of Parliament, stormy skies. A moodier tone than his other works; nature hasn’t lost all its power; this is no warm, solar benediction, there is a storm coming. The stones still stand firm, between the jaundiced skies and waters.