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Don’t come to me for names….

As usual, I have no idea what specie these are but when did ignorance ever stop me from sharing? 😀

Spiez – 12

People must have thought I was a little crazy when I turned my back to the amazing lake views and knelt to click these flowers….whatever.


That is one of the most beautiful re-use of a log I’ve ever seen…

I clicked so many a lady asked me if I were a botanist…


Shot at 17x magnification, using Polaroid lenses (+1,+2,+4,+10D)


I don’t know what these flowers are called but they sure are beautiful…. Further close-up..   And from down below, I saw a pearl…

Raindrops on roses (well, dew)

My next photo-trip was to the Rose Garden, so get ready for more flowers….these aren’t very special but I likes the way the morning sun lit up the first, and the textures on the second.

7-day Nature challenge – Day 4

Thanks to Amy (do click the link!) for nominating me for this challenge. She’s a terrific photographer; her macro work and her shots of Texan parades are a treat to behold, not to mention her Grand Canyon vistas! A few weeks between winter and summer, that’s spring in Northern India. Flowers are all abloom around the … Continue reading