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And the sun had set….

I hope I am able to do justice to the pictures following this one, these I clicked with the most hope!

Another place for the bucket list

Isfahan nisf jahan – “Isfahan is half the world”….Below are the ruins of an ancient Zoroastrian temple in Isfahan.

The beauty within…

I only wish I were extrovert enough to have entered in and chatted with the dwellers within….

Rule of three

Three dragon’s eggs, Three purple robes, Three headless crowns Three linens green Who dares her fate On silver globes And holds the stage Will own the scene.


Flowers of a petal, How close they settle!


  I love panoramic shots, so here’s another one.

I wonder……

Is it a mace, Of a faery race? A wind-spun fruit, From a dew-cooled root? A spider’s lair, Infused with air? A low-hung cloud, Become a shroud? A morning lamp, Dimming and damp? A tendril’s twist, Bedecked with mist? That Amy framed, As yet unnamed?

The ruins of Augusta Raurica – 1

Sitting on the top stair of the temple (only the platform remains of the once proud edifice), this is the vista that greets you, a huge amphitheatre, the stage right in the middle of the canvas here. I had to sacrifice the sky but you’ll get to see more of it in coming posts. I’ve … Continue reading


The Museum at Augusta Raurica

The museum at Augusta Raurica boasts the biggest hoard of silver ever unearthed at any Roman ruin. In the coming days I will post more pics of this truly amazing collection. A beautiful necklace starts off the collection and I can only rue the fact that I didn’t use a smaller aperture and gotten it … Continue reading

The green tiered well….