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Another watering can…..

It seems to be more blessed than the first one….

Mundane Mondays #28


Window-shades/blinds/sills and flowers all over Pt. 3

A steep incline but the building reminded me of “Full House”. 🙂

Madame Butterflies….

Saw these three butterflies dancing in synchronicity in a garden this sunny autumn afternoon… Google was kind enough to make a video of them from the twenty odd photos I clicked in rapid succession. Here’s the link to that, if you’d like to see (I sure hope Amy does! :))


Mussourie and Landour – Days of wine and roses — My review

Just a small review on goodreads.com… Here’s the link.

The watering can…

I didn’t find one with flowers in it, but this was arresting enough for me..


A wedding hall decked up, as I rode by. Had to take a shot, even if it was from a moving car!

Window-shades/blinds/sills and flowers all over Pt. 2

The same house from Pt. 1, from another angle.

Window-shades/blinds/sills and flowers all over Pt. 1

My first window sill, in Kaiser-augst. It’s a lovely small village about 10 minutes from Basel, and was my first stop on my first day there. Thankfully, I got the window sills etc out of my system that day itself, in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to.

En route to Basel (2)

The clouds cleared just about enough for me to get at least one picture that after manipulation showed what I saw, little dollhouses spread all over the landscape.