Bernese Oberland

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This guy was somewhat non-committal about his liking all the foreign interlopers to invade his quaint, sleepy town…. but this gentleman was much more welcoming…:)

Spiez – 6

And there in the middle of Bernese Oberland – a glimpse of India.

Spiez – 5

In the gardens of the very appropriately named Hotel Eden in Spiez are displayed some lovely bronze statues by Freddy Air Rothlisberger. I found this one most appealing…

Spiez – 4

More wooden Alpine houses. The Weinbauerhof is a Swiss heritage site, over 200 years old. Not  the only wooden house in Spiez by any means I particularly loved the lace trim on the windows on the first floor.. More from my little romp through Spiez to come!

Spiez – 3

I would probably still be in practice if I had this place to go to work at…

Walking in Interlaken – 2

One of my first rewarding shots was this beautiful old house constructed almost entirely of wood. Turning the corner I saw the main door – built in 1736! It was much later that I found out this home is a local tourist attraction.