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My mind as an acrostic

A mouthful of words…

Is it cathartic to bare your soul? Is there an up-tick from sharing the whole? When demons are gathered does it help to slay? Or are angels and demons best kept away?   I struggle for answers and find there are none. I look at the questions and there is just one. Does word-play heal … Continue reading

One liner Wednesday (whatever) 

The moving finger flips the bird

Six word story 

Beware those who’re quick to love.

Business as usual 

The hottest love is soonest cold The higher stakes, the faster fold  Love is bodies, bought and sold  A bastard trade o’erlain with gold 

Six word story 

I was never as naked again 

Six word story 

She says my feet are clay.. 

Six word story

I’m always outside, not looking in


I was but a faded verse Annotated on a page Not one stroke could I reverse Though I struggled for an age   The dog-eared corner of the book Half-hidden like a venal sin Turned down, so you’d overlook The dark inked stain that lay within   And time helped further to erase And no … Continue reading

Six word story

No love ever ended in poetry….