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The Holy Cow!

Thousands of people starving to death in our country and the government wants to fund food for cows that no longer bear milk! #lunatics

Political post after a long time, but I needed something to blow off steam

From bogus land acquisition bills to claiming credit for international crude oil price fluctuations to an insipid budget to steamrolling parliamentary opposition in the name of democracy to curtailing RBI’s freedom to film censorship to rewriting history in their own image to silence on Hindu fanaticism to to silence on corruption by govt ministers to … Continue reading

A democratic joke.

The BJP has decided on its third Chief Minister for the state of Karnataka, Mr. Shettar, who will be sworn in within a few days. Normally, this wouldn’t be anything worth mentioning; politicians come and go from seats of power and we seem to have reconciled to the recurring event. But what makes this stand … Continue reading

BJP- bad or a necessary evil?

Watched a debate on the future of the BJP yesterday. They were discussing if whether the RSS was interfering with the day-to-day working of the BJP and if it was right or appropriate. It got me thinking as to what the future held in store for the BJP. Never been a fan, never will either. … Continue reading