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My goodreads book profile for this year


Goodreads reading challenge

For once I am ahead of the curve in completing the challenge. About seven months in and I am 80% through with my target. 🙂

The Taste of Words – my review

My father bought this book last year and I took it along as a light read on a recent trip. And boy, was I glad I did! I must start though, by stating that if you’re into Urdu shayari deeply, this book does not have much to offer you. You would already know the life … Continue reading

Time Warped – my review

Let me start by stating that I bought this book by mistake. I thought I was getting a book on the physics of time, of how the perception of time changes with speed for example, and what research is being done in this field. What I got instead was a book on the biology of … Continue reading

The Longest August – my review

History is not science. This fact is so strongly forced upon the reader by Dilip Hiro that it cannot but color every aspect of the narrative you have in your hand. “The Longest August” is a catchy title and promises a cold, hard look at the origins and development of one of the trickiest and … Continue reading

A Strange Kind of Paradise: India through Foreign Eyes – My review

William Dalrymple called this book a “love letter to India”. I fully agree. “A Strange Kind of Paradise” isn’t intended as a history text-book, nor a dry list of “facts” (*cough* Romila Thapar *cough*). What you have in your hands though, is an incomparable collection of selected writings from non-Indian writers about India as they experienced … Continue reading

Ramayana-the Game of Life – My Review

There are books you read for what they give you. And there are those you read for what you can take from them. “Ramayana-the Game of Life” falls squarely into the second category. The Ramayan is not a new tale; it has been told and retold, cast and recast innumerable times. “Game of Life” is, … Continue reading

You don’t know how nerdy you are till….

….you see this book description on amazon and think about buying this book…. “Adaptive sensory processing influences the central nervous system’s interpretation of incoming sensory information. One of the functions of this adaptive sensory processing is to allow the nervous system to ignore predictable sensory information so that it may focus on important novel information … Continue reading

The Jesus Wars – My review

This isn’t a book for the lay reader. If you’re looking for a thriller filled with blood and gore, with schemes and machinations galore, this isn’t the book for you. What it is, instead, is a very deep, very erudite, very skilful dissection of the internal politics of the Christian world as it came to … Continue reading

The First Spring – my (very long) review

It is difficult, when writing history, to stay distant from one’s own prejudices, our pet ideas, our personal viewpoints. This, of course, makes history organic and imbues it with a life that the sciences do not have. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why history never can become a science (which is a little ironic, … Continue reading