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It’s a different world in there…

Mundane Mondays #43


The smoky demon moves to swallow the fleeing bird…

Mundane Mondays #16

  Don’t even ask me what it is, I couldn’t explain it. It’s glass and light and some other stuff I didn’t pay attention to because, “Ooh! Shiny!”

Sepia tints

My grandfather’s first surgical case, late 1930s. The funny thing is, I don’t have any similar pic from my stay in the medical college. That’s him standing in the background observing the dressing of the wound. It was an above the knee amputation. And Izza, this is KEMC, Lahore in the 1930s. 🙂

Just call me Jack

Since I got so much praise for my earlier post on Photoshop repair, I thought I’d post another one to get some more! 😀 That’s my father, c. 1946  

Jack of many trades

Quite a few years ago, I decided that I ought to build a soft copy library of old family pics. That was in the days when I thought of family as a unit. Anyway, I knew most pictures were spread out among siblings and so on among my parents’ generation and no one would let … Continue reading


Two more sketches, about all I have…


Lady Di. Sketched decades ago.