Calvin and Hobbes

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A tribute to Bill Watterson

The political humor of this cartoon by E P Unny in today’s paper will be lost on people outside India. But the tribute to the genius of Calvin and Hobbes’ creator, over 2 decades after he washed, dried and stored his paintbrushes, is beautiful in its own stead.

Quote Challenge – Day 1

Thanks to Expressingwings for what I realize is my sixth nomination for this challenge! 🙂 I’m sure everyone knows the rules, and those who read my posts know I don’t nominate. I’ve trimmed the challenge from what I originally interpreted it as, 3 quotes a day for 3 days. Favourite quotes are hard to come by … Continue reading

Quote Challenge – day 1

Thanks to Kahchoon  for nominating me to take this challenge for the second time, this is a great opportunity for me to learn and share my lovely quotes about the beauty of life.  Golden rules of this challenge: Post three consecutive days. You can pick one or three quotes per day. Challenge three different bloggers per … Continue reading

When was the last time you did this?

  Come to think of it, when did I last do this?