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Vintage – 11

Pretty maids all in a row

Vintage – 10

A few more rear-ends..

Vintage 7

The labels tell it all. I loved the big grills and meaty fenders…

Vintage 6

Didn’t know that the Avengers had their own line of products….

Vintage – 1

There was a vintage car show in Chandigarh some months ago (if you can call 25 odd cars a “show”). I loved these old beauties and these are 2 of those. I hope you like them too.

Mini Cooper

Bright and gleaming, it caught my attention.

Mundane Mondays #35

DNR (Do not reproduce)

Three of many examples of idiots parking their vehicles in the market on the busiest day of the year. Someone please ensure these people’s genes do not get passed onto the next generation.

At Munich airport

It costs some people an arm and a leg, it would probably cost me my head…..