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Chandigarh Carnival, six months ago – 7

The dancing troupe waded into the spectators….. Without a doubt, the smiling-est face among all.

Rose garden – a tribute

A stone immortalizes the names of the two men most instrumental in planning and executing the Rose garden in Chandigarh. MS Randhawa and MN Sharma not only dreamed up the concept of the rose garden but were also responsible for the panning of every tree-lined avenue in the city. A lot of the natural beauty … Continue reading

Taarey zameen par (stars on the ground)

I was clicking for jewels, got stars instead…

Raindrops on roses (well, dew)

My next photo-trip was to the Rose Garden, so get ready for more flowers….these aren’t very special but I likes the way the morning sun lit up the first, and the textures on the second.

Colorful rides

Though the rickshaw (pedicab) is a common sight on Indian roads, the humble transport gets decked up pretty well for the Chandigarh Carnival. College students go crazy on papier mache – the results are thre for you to see. Characters from a Hindi cartoon show (Motu-Patlu I believe) Minions…..(I don’t recognize the fat guy riding … Continue reading

Urban Pastiche

A cliched reconstruction of a rural scene, though to be fair, you would have come across most of this in an ordinary Punjabi village home a few decades back. The image quality is bad because the compression algorithm backfired on me….

Art at the carnival

Some examples of art, fresh off the canvas from the Chandigarh Carnival.

Vintage 13

The classic Jeep..

I don’t get Modern Art…

Chandigarh Museum

Some might say that a city that’s not even a century old shouldn’t really have a museum, but we do. There isn’t much to show save for some mammoth fossils and random artifacts unearthed when the city foundations were being laid, but so what? The museum was closed the day I went for a walk … Continue reading