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Strasbourg Cathedral – 11

A view of the apse of the cathedral. The tones were just lovely.

Ars gratia artis (2)

Suitably last of the Kaiseraugst pics. Next, I frantically tried to translate Swiss German so I could buy a ticket through the ticket machine as the train chugged in (there were no manual ticket counters at the place). I managed to just jump into a compartment as the train started to move and left that … Continue reading

Ars gratia artis

Many among you might know I’m not a religious person, quite the opposite in fact; I have written a lot on this too and suffice it to say I keep religiosity at a gibbon’s arm’s length (they have very long arms….). This shot though was just begging to be taken. The light, the sun, the … Continue reading

Why a virgin Mary???

Why indeed? What was the need for a virgin Mary? What was so great about god providing a virgin with a fetus anyway? What purpose did it solve? In fact it only created more problems for Jesus and his supporters. For one, people do not believe in the virgin birth. Even if I believe that … Continue reading