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Morbid thoughts

My father-in-law died a few days ago. He was 87, had lived a long, fulfilling life and died after a short illness, short enough to not linger unduly in pain, long enough to let his family accept his imminent passing. As deaths go, probably one of the better ways to go about it. As if … Continue reading

Six word stories

When does our fate become predestined?

From a death….

Who will cry when I die? Will I merit a single sigh? Will someone miss me by and by? Will someone please tell me a lie?

Gladiator’s arena – 2

This is the view of the arena from the Gladiator’s cell. Looking through the open door wasn’t so bad, but as soon as you turn your gaze to the barred door you feel trapped, even thought an open door is right alongside. This is the view from the dais above, a commanding, sun-kissed view of … Continue reading

Mundane Mondays #33

Tiered Haiku

5-7-5 When shall it be so? I couldn’t say, once dear friend But soon I am sure 3-5-3 No tears please Don’t hide your relief Change the crease 1-3-1 Free Dead to be Me   Wanted to give it a shot, for a change.


Should I feel mad? Angry? Smug and justified? Should I sound sarcastic? Enraged? Cynical? Or should I just sigh and move on? The candles dim and the terminator moves on; the terminator lies dead and the candles are snuffed out. There’s the way to sunshine and roses and butterflies!

We won’t win……

We can keep crying, we can keep getting shocked, we can fly our flags at half-mast, write little poems of sadness and pin them to flowers, light candles and march in silence, tie ribbons on bridges, hear our leaders express sorrow and decry the inhumanity of it all….we can keep doing this and more. Again … Continue reading

Roman tombstones – Pt 2

Dannicus the knight, Munatius from Lugdunum (modern Lyon, France), Metellus……..2000 years hence and your name and mine will be forgotten; these live on.

Roman tombstone

Facsimile of a Roman tombstone for a Celtic warrior. Augusta Raurica, on whom the present day town of Kairseraugst stands was a Roman city up to the 4th century AD. It was one of the biggest Roman settlement this far up North and has the remains of the biggest amphitheater North of the Alps. I’ll … Continue reading