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Six word stories

Secret most guarded, memory most unguarded…..

Six word story 

I was never as naked again 

Six word story 

No sorrow, no joy. Fair Trade? 

Six word story

I’m always outside, not looking in

Six word story 

Have your nails drawn hot blood? 

Couplet (mine)

हुआ क्या जाएगा इन चंद तिनकों के उड़ाने में ये वीरां हो चुकी बस्ती सो अब क्या ख़ाक उजड़ेगी?   Hua kya jaayega in chand tinkon ke uDaane mein? Yeh veeraan ho chuki basti, so ab kya khaak ujDegee?   What pain if you tear up a weed? These ruins won’t go again to seed……   … Continue reading


I was but a faded verse Annotated on a page Not one stroke could I reverse Though I struggled for an age   The dog-eared corner of the book Half-hidden like a venal sin Turned down, so you’d overlook The dark inked stain that lay within   And time helped further to erase And no … Continue reading

Back but not back….

I’ve been back from Basel for over a week now. That was after a 10-odd day sabbatical for personal reasons…. In the last week or so I’ve posted maybe 3 blog posts? I don’t know why that is. People who know me here know that I have been a regular blogger, almost anal about it … Continue reading