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Egyptian Art at the Louvre – 2

Some examples of Egyptian jewelry and ornaments. The beauty of some of these pieces, the delicacy of the work, the craftsmanship. People who have this idea of modern human’s superiority over previous generations would do well to see what people accomplished in bygone eras…

Egyptian Art at the Louvre

The Louvre houses a huge collection of Egyptian artefacts, a legacy of its occupation of the area for a short period at the end of the eighteenth century. French discoveries in Egypt founded the field of Egyptology and popularized archaeology.

Pun of the weak

Why is Egypt like a fool’s paradise? Coz they’re both a gift of denial…

Necrophiliacs of the world may soon have reason to rejoice!

http://now.msn.com/now/0425-egypt-dead-wife-sex.aspx?_p=8eb0f6cb-43ec-47fe-a6ee-aaa6298e7d91&_nwpt=1 The Egyptian Parliament is considering passing a law allowing bereaved husbands to legally have sex with the corpse of their wife within six hours of her death. Now, before feminists get all riled up, this law would also allow widows the same rights, though in their case, the anatomical problem would remain to be … Continue reading