Egyptian artefacts at the louvre

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Egyptian art at the Louvre – 8

A (possibly ceremonial) knife with the handle carved out of hippopotamus or elephant ivory. The handle shows a raid or battle scene, the raiding party probably having reached by boats seen at the bottom of the scene. The blade itself is carved from a specific kind of flint stone found in Egypt. There are only … Continue reading

An ancient story

Allow me to tell you a short story. It has to be short because it was inspired by a small set of squiggles on an ancient artifact, and my Holmes-ian attempt to deduce their origin. Here’s the piece. A man sat outside his hut, fashioning pots out of the riverside clay. He might be using … Continue reading

Egyptian Art at the Louvre – 7

Egyptian art at the Louvre – 6

Egyptian Art at the Louvre – 5

Egyptian art at the Louvre – 3

Some more examples of ancient Egyptian creative genius.

Egyptian Art at the Louvre – 2

Some examples of Egyptian jewelry and ornaments. The beauty of some of these pieces, the delicacy of the work, the craftsmanship. People who have this idea of modern human’s superiority over previous generations would do well to see what people accomplished in bygone eras…