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My last panoramic shot

A little over-exposed on Auto, but it was a lovely view (to me) so I’m sharing it.

A French sunset

One of those moments when photoshop couldn’t improve upon nature. France lay across the bridge, but we were too tired to walk across. So France chose to show us via a wonderful sunset what we were missing……Another day, perhaps.

An evening along the Rhine – 10

Such cheery warmth! It made me forget myself for a while and I kept on clicking pictures. An outsider peeking in through a window, as Jackie so rightly said…..

An evening along the Rhine – 8

For some reason the yellow lighting reminded me of Diwali, maybe partly because the owners of this particular establishment were Indian. They didn’t speak a word of Hindi though.

An evening along the Rhine – 3

An evening along the Rhine – 2

Attempting some National Geographic like effects, so stay your critic tempers…..

An evening along the Rhine – 1

This should be my last (but one!) major series on Basel. I’m trying to do it justice, but I dont think I will succeed in capturing the beauty and warmth of the evening.

The Blue Rhine….

The view from the rear of the minster, across the Rhine into Klein Basel.