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1% DNA

“Chimps and humans have a 1% DNA difference…imagine what heights another species 1% more different than us in the same direction would have accomplished!! All our mysteries from dark matter/energy to origins of life would be basic school studies for them…..” – Neil deGrasse Tyson I’d like to add – “Imagine what their mysteries would … Continue reading

The Ghosts of Evolution – my review

The book, at first, reminded me of Shaw’s rather mean-spirited review of a budding author’s manuscript, “There’s too much space between the covers.” Reading the book, I found myself skipping words, then sentences till by the end I felt like Spiderman, able to leap over entire chapters in a single bound. But brickbats apart, I … Continue reading

An eminently readable book

A very infectious book. Once I started it, I found it hard to put down. The author Dr. Neil Shubin, draws you effortlessly into his world and holds you spellbound with its wonder and majesty. An excellent first book for anyone still believing that humans are, somehow, “special” and divinely created, separate from the rest … Continue reading

Why is anatomy imperfect?

Been reading a lot on the evolutionist-creationist debate recently. Of course from the evolutionists’ point of view, coz that’s where my belief lies. One chapter I recently read was on how there were so many imperfections in the human body and how that was clear proof that man was not ‘designed’ by a higher intelligence … Continue reading

Remarkable Creatures – My review

Finished reading Sean Carroll’s “Remarkable Creatures” a couple of days back. I’d actually bought it thinking it would be about odd, impossible fossils and the extraordinary creatures that were to be seen in prehistoric ages. Always been a childhood fantasy of mine, you see. But it was nothing like that at all. Carroll documented the … Continue reading