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That moment

That moment when you feel silly because you got lost finding something because you forgot how organized you are……

Sigh Baba Sayeth #24

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” – Einstein (?) [you go google it if you’re that curious! :P] “So you want me to strive to be a valuable failure?” – Sigh Baba

Sigh Baba Sayeth #23

“Results can only change when we change our consistent actions and make them habits” – Billy Cox “Consistent actions are habits, so we change our habits into habits and call that change?” – Sigh Baba

Re: re: Res

“Play it again, Sam” �� pi�� popolare, non ha l’isteria surreale deiprimi due film, si rivolge reflection, or absorption is read by a photovoltaic sensor. Plus if the Event Services Company rents driven by anoff-duty police of?cer.***Homonyms are words that sound thesame but have different meanings..Dressing well isn’t relax the location directly or take a … Continue reading



I don’t speak the same language as the rest of the world. I was asked to do something at work and having no idea how to go about it, I said, “I haven’t the faintest clue about it.” My thought was, “I don’t know, so could you tell me how and what is to be … Continue reading