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Pun of the weak 

Which opera is the favorite of militant feminists worldwide?  The Nutcracker of course. 

New Heights for misogyny in advertisements!

Recently my attention was drawn to a particular advertisement doing the rounds of Indian TV. Clean and Dry Intimate Wash is a product aimed at women (who, of course, have to be fair to attract our attention!) and is intended for use in the peri-vaginal area (assuming the figure shown in the ad is an … Continue reading

An enslaved mind asks for physical slavery…..

http://www.kuwaittimes.net/read_news.php?newsid=NzQ3NzY0MzE%3D   This article is a must read. It boggles my mind that an apparently educated, liberated (?) woman could spout such nonsense. Could any human being ever support human slavery in this day and age? How could it ever be called defensible? It is such an abhorrent concept! And yet, here she is, openly … Continue reading