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Mundane Monday #75

Mundane Mondays #74


That is one of the most beautiful re-use of a log I’ve ever seen…

It wasn’t easy with a fresh breeze blowing….

Laufen Castle – 5

A remarkable better use of an arrow-slit….

I clicked so many a lady asked me if I were a botanist…


I don’t know what these flowers are called but they sure are beautiful…. Further close-up..   And from down below, I saw a pearl…

Chandigarh carnival six months ago – 2

Amid all the flurry of activity, I still managed this….

A bright morning.

Raindrops on roses (well, dew)

My next photo-trip was to the Rose Garden, so get ready for more flowers….these aren’t very special but I likes the way the morning sun lit up the first, and the textures on the second.