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I have talked about Papa Joe’s before, my second-favourite eating spot in Basel, after Kelim. It’s an upbeat, modern place, with a mostly young crowd. I had a good-sized crowd dining with me this time, so it was great fun. 🙂 My standard order is a tequila sunrise and baby-back ribs: Vegetarian options include platters … Continue reading

Heidelberg – 38

After all the walking and clicking I had to rest my weary feet and listen to my stomach. Schloss Heidelberg has a historic restaurant, the Backhaus. The food was nice and the wine even better. My friend ordered a flammenkuchen and I had veal sausage. Yum! Both dishes were fresh and tasty, and moderately priced. … Continue reading


I ignored everything else on the table. It was so simple and so beyond delicious, I can only thank BJ for inviting us into her home and for treating me to some of the best sausages I’ve ever had.

New word Tuesdays

Omnicure (n.) –  Someone who will eat just about anything no matter how badly cooked.

BBQ spot

I only wish I had some patties and kebabs and I would have had a treat! There was even a little wood ready to be used…

Baker man – 3

Using this long pole we placed our loaves into the pre-heated oven (no thermostat though!). It took less than ten minutes and we all had our very own bread! Something I seem unnaturally proud of. I took my fresh loaf and sat in the small cafeteria right next to the amphitheatre and ate it with … Continue reading

Sigh Baba sayeth

In winter, food is like the Borg – “Resistance is futile.” We will be assimilated… Sigh baba

Dark chocolate, lemon and pepper

One of the odder combinations I bought, but surprisingly not bad!

Swiss list no. 1

I don’t know if I’ll make more lists, but here’s one! A list of the cuisines I tried in six days in Basel- Roman Italian German Swiss Turkish American Chinese Lebanese Not one adventure that I did not like either!

The Holy Cow!

Thousands of people starving to death in our country and the government wants to fund food for cows that no longer bear milk! #lunatics