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Egyptian art at the Louvre – 3

Some more examples of ancient Egyptian creative genius.

Mes Trois Amour

I fell in love with three women in Paris. I know, some of you might think, “Just three????” 😀 But I couldn’t help it. I knew two of them from before I met them; the third had only recently become an acquaintance. I could have spent days just gazing at them, like some love-sick poet … Continue reading

At the Eiffel – 7

Palais de Chaillot, framed by the graceful arch of the Eiffel tower. Though I didn’t visit the Palais (see the menacing clouds), but it is definitely worth going to, if you have the time. It houses four museums and a theatre. Another view of the world’s second ugliest building (The French make even ugliness worth … Continue reading

At the Eiffel Tower

My first glimpse of the icon of Paris, all of France really. Google Maps was of immense help in getting me there, guiding me every step of the way. The day was cloudy and promised rain (which it duly delivered), but the soaring steel still had its charm. “Man’s finger pointed at god.” I’m not … Continue reading

Walkin in Strasbourg – 8

I wondered what lay behind those (what I assume are) attic windows…

Pretty maids all in a row

A part of the Strasbourg carnival parade.

Strasbourg parade

We turned from the cathedral to this beautiful scene….the Strasbourg parade that celebrates the coming of spring. The carnival spans the entire Alsace region of France, but Strasbourg is reputed to have the biggest and best parade. 🙂

Strasbourg Cathedral – 6

The view from the aisle up to the chancel. The picture is grainy but I think it serves its purpose.

Strasbourg Cathedral – 4

A view of the front facade of Strasbourg cathedral, and a glimpse of the beautiful stained glass window.

Walking in Strasbourg – 6

This was too beautiful a dressed shop window for me to resist. It was much later that I realized I had captured myself in the mirror. (Quite a “Doh!” moment for me)