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Monday blues

Wouldn’t Mondays start so much better if we could water-slide to work? Image courtesy: http://lynx.phpwebhosting.com/~sgroi/suit/suit1.jpg

New word Tuesdays

In keeping with the book theme coz I’m in a rut Polybookamist- someone who can’t commit to one book at a time

New word Tuesdays

Bibendobibuli – Someone who gets drunk on books, and can actually pronounce that word.

An aromatic August Afternoon

An Indian, an Australian, and a French woman getting a bread baking lesson from an American and and a half (quarter?) Italian in a Roman ruin in Switzerland. Thank you Beth and Christina for a very interesting and lovely afternoon! #AugustaRaurica It tastes better than it looks.

Two Phrase Story #10

I provide the first phrase, you complete the thought and who knows where you might lead the train? “He didn’t believe in angels……..” My attempt “…..but the demons were real alright.”   Your turn.

Sigh Baba Sayeth #19

“Love is the only way to grasp another human being in the innermost core of his personality.” – Victor Frankel (?!!?) A better way to grasp another human being in the innermost core of his personality is by grasping him by the short and curly. 😛 – Me

One Liner Wednesday (c. Abyssbrain)

Someone mentioned that a patient history mentioned alcohol abuse though the person had about a bottle of wine a month. I replied leaving a bottle of wine open for a month was alcohol abuse!

New Word Tuesdays

Bookaniser – Someone who isn’t satisfied with reading one book at a time, has to have another open on the side…

One liner Wednesday (c. Abyssbrain)

Jimmy Fallon is a man with a big, big soul. How else could he sell it bit by bit every day and still have any left?

New word Tuesdays

“Nonmultiply – a vow of celibacy, see also – monkhood” (@Abyssbrain – I told you I’d get to it! :D)